Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Forced Fast

Lent began a week ago today. I have failed more than succeeded in my Lenten resolution. My desire was to get up each morning half an hour before the children and begin my day intentionally and with some time in the Word. This would be in contrast to my usual morning routine which consists of one or more children waking me followed by a moan of "Just a few more minutes, sweetie," and inevitably another half hour in bed. This was to be my fasting from laziness, from lethargy, and from being controlled by circumstances.

To go along with my chosen fast I made up a new daily schedule for our family. No longer would time just slip away from us. We would make the best use of every moment. (Yes, it's a flexible schedule, and I know the possibilities and limitations of a four-children-six-and-under household.) Life went along smoothly for 1 1/2 days. Then began my forced fast.

About 2:00 yesterday afternoon, it began snowing. About fifteen minutes later, my husband slid off the road in our newly-paid-off car, hit a tree and spun around to face the direction he had come. He called to tell me and I will gratefully say that my first thought was truly one of thanksgiving that he was alright.

Immediately thereafter, I discovered my true character and what I should (and now must) really focus on this Lent. The whole situation was out of my control. I could not control the weather. I could not control my husband's driving. I could not control the towing situation. The rental situation. The repair situation. I could not even bring my husband home. And now, as we sit with an empty garage and places to go, I cannot control this current situation. (It's still snowing, too!) My new schedule, my Lenten resolutions, nothing can change the fact that I AM NOT IN CONTROL.

I'm finding, today, that I am having to fast from that need to control almost constantly. Even this post will probably not show up until later because we have no internet when it's snowing. Please, would you pray with me today? Pray that we would let go of the need to control our lives and instead give them over to the one who has promised to provide for all of our needs. Again, I am seeing already his provision in these circumstances. He is Good. And He is in control.

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  1. I'm sorry I have to be a downer on your day, but thanks for loving me and for puzzles and Wii boxing!

  2. Hard lessons stick the best, don't they? Hope you can enjoy some of the solace of the snow, and that "all things work together for good" with your car situation.

  3. wow - this was a great post!! I first read the beginning as if I had written it myself, (needing to set my alarm before children wake me and intentionally setting aside time to spend in God's Word) - until the accident! What an amazing way to turn that around - and God have other plans for your Lent! I pray you are able to feel comfortbale out of control.
    (stopped by from a holy experience)



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