Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Yummy Food!

Time to post this week's menu for those who are interested:

Day 1:
Breakfast - Smoothies & Bacon
Lunch - Egg Salad & Veggies
Dinner - Taco Salad

Day 2:
B - Scrambled Eggs w/ Veggies & Turkey
L - Tuna Salad & Veggies
D - Meatza

Day 3:
B - Fried Eggs & Bacon, Grapefruit
L - Leftover Turkey & Veggies
D - Lentil Soup w/ Sausage for Church's Lenten Soup Supper

Day 4:
B - Smoothies & Bacon
L - Hard-Boiled Eggs, Cheese, Veggies
D - Asian Slaw

Day 5:
B - Gingered Apple Crumble
L - Turkey/Green Bean Rollups
D - Green Ginger Soup

Day 6:
B - Eggs or Bacon or Turkey w/ Lemon Muffins
L - ?? Sometimes inspiration just doesn't come. We'll call this Spontaneous Day!
D - Sausage & Brussels Sprouts w/Ginger and Almonds (The kids love these sprouts!)

Day 7:
B - Green Eggs
L - Leftovers
D - Burgers, Fries, Veggies & Birthday Cake for the 5 year old!! We'll keep it as clean as we can!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

45 down and 45 to go!

Halfway done with this 90-Day challenge and things are going well. My weight loss is levelling, but my strength is not, and except for a couple of spectacular failures, our family's nutrition is excellent! It has been encouraging to help others along the journey and to be cheered on by new friends. I'm looking forward to this last half and then continuing in these new habits.

Back by popular demand (okay, two people have asked), here is this week's menu. As always, make substitutions and tweak as necessary. And let me know if you want more info on something!

Day 1:
Breakfast - Smoothies & Bacon
Lunch - Fruit, Cheese, Turkey, and Veggies
Dinner - Fish Salad - layer baked whitefish, avocado, tomato, red onion, and cilantro in glass dishes/glasses, drizzle with a lime juice, cumin, olive oil dressing

Day 2:
B - Freezer Bag Omelets
L - Tuna Fish w/Lettuce
D - Nutty Peachy Salad (scroll down on linked page for recipe)

Day 3:
B - No Oat Oatmeal
L - Hard Boiled Eggs, Veggies, Fruit
D - Roast Turkey (to be used for later recipes, also), Sweet Potato Fries, Veggies

Day 4:
B - Scrambled Eggs and Carrot Raisin Muffins
L - Lentil Soup w/ Sausage
D - Fish (not sure how I'll prepare it, yet)

Day 5:
B - Smoothies & Bacon (It's our easiest breakfast, so we do it twice)
L - Grilled Cheese (on sprouted bread, but it's still a treat and not technically paleo) and Tomato Soup
D - Paleo Chili (Kathryn's request)

Day 6:
B - Sweet Potato Bacon Salad
L - Turkey Rollups w/ Veggies
D - Fish (probably baked with lemon juice and dill, pretty traditional) & yep, more veggies

Day 7:
B - Eggs w/ veggies (sensing a theme here) and Bacon
L - Leftovers
D - Turkey Tacos (lettuce leaves instead of shells), yum!

Happy Eating!


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