Monday, February 22, 2010

More Thanksgivings

I don't have a theme for this week's thanksgivings. It was enough of a challenge to remember to write down anything at all. Life here is good, normal, nothing particularly challenging happening. I guess that can lead to complacency, though, and so my list this week is short though sweet.

I am grateful for:
243. An Anne of Green Gables slumber party with my highschool ladies
244. Beginning new sewing projects with my girls
245. A phone call with my best friend
246. Her good advice
247. A new weekly schedule (please, Lord, let this one work)
248. The ability to homeschool my children
249. A fun family shopping trip
250. A new vacuum cleaner
251. Clean floors!!!
252. Laughter amid total chaos
253. Good, good talks with my highschool ladies about some tough issues
254. The story of Deborah and Jael in Judges 4 and 5
255. The first week of the new homeschooling co-op
256. Ian usually sleeping through the night
257. Ice skating with my family on the pond in town
258. Kids singing in church on Sunday

I'm looking forward to a new week of keeping track of His many graces.

holy experience

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