Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet 17

17 Days left! Less than three weeks to go! This 90-Day Challenge has been a great experience. It's been exciting to see what my body can and will do if I take good care of it and expect a lot from it. I've added a couple of other things to my original list. I've already lost the ten pounds that I'd hoped, and since I still have a few more to go before my ideal weight/shape, I'm adding another five pounds. I have three weeks to go to lose three pounds, but I think that's reasonable. Also, I've joined in a "March Madness" mini contest at the gym, which includes posting videos of my workouts and I'm going to try out for the softball team. (Softball is a strength for me, but tryouts are not!)

I'll post all of my reached goals and everything in a few weeks, but until then, here's this week's menu. A little late. (That hasn't gotten any better!)

Remember, if I've just posted a main dish, we add fresh or cooked veggies or a green salad to the meal, too!
Day 1:
Breakfast - Berries and Coconut Whipped Cream, Bacon
Lunch - Tuna Salad
Dinner - Taco Salad (no chips or beans)

Day 2:
B - Broccoli Latkes
L - Sprouted Wheat "SB&J" (That's sunbutter and jam)
D - "Burritos" with Cabbage Tortillas, Quinoa Tabouleh (Reminded this week that quinoa is technically not a grain. It has some of the same anti-nutrient agents, but a good rinsing and not eating it too often are good options.)

Day 3:
B - Za'atar Omelette - substituted Greek seasoning
L - Lentil Soup
D - Corned Beef w/Cabbage, Carrots, and Potatoes, Ballemaloe Brown Bread - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Day 4:
B - Lamb Sausage w/ Artichokes - substituted beef sausage w/Greek seasoning again
L - Hard-Boiled Eggs w/Veggies and Sliced Turkey
D - Chicken Salad

Day 5:
B - Smoothies & Bacon
L - Turkey Rollups (with Avocado, Peppers, & Asparagus inside!)
D - Chicken Curry w/Cauliflower Rice

Day 6:
B - Eggs and Veggies
L - Pick-a-Snack (kind of like Hardboiled Eggs and Veggies, to be honest)
D - Beef Back Ribs and Brussels Sprouts (a new family favourite!)

Day 7:
B - Smoothies?/Eggs?
L - Leftovers
D - Bacon Encrusted Fish and Lemon Garlic Broccoli

Let me know if you try one of these and what you think!
Happy Eating!


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