Monday, February 15, 2010

In Sickness and in Health

This has been a pretty tough week. Hard to find things to be thankful for when you're throwing up in the middle of the night. But there were. Isn't that amazing? Even in the feverish throes of a stomach virus, there is grace. There is blessing. Today's post will be short because I - we - are still recovering from a very difficult week, physically and emotionally. But I am grateful for:
230. Ian's 1-year checkup and a clean bill of health
231. Our sweet doctor who takes such good care of our family
232. More snow
233. A bittersweet time of anger, apology, healing, and growth with my little girls
234. My darling husband caring for me when I was sick
235. The rest of the family not getting my sickness
236. Valentine's Day
237. Being awakened early Valentine's Day by my girls with multiple handmade Valentines
238. Narnia
239. Good chats with one of my young adult ladies
240. Ian walking
241. New baby teeth
242. A forgiving husband who won't let me sleep "on the couch."

May you, too, find health in your sickness this week.

holy experience

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  1. Oh, how deeply moving your post is today. It does sound like you were really struggling yet in the midst of the trials, I see love, forgiveness, grace and beauty. God's gifts to us are indeed too numerous to count.
    Praying for a healthy week for body and soul.
    Grace to you



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