Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Boldly Go...

My husband and father-in-law are big Star Trek fans.  Dad Rose even wears a Star Trek tie to remind himself that God calls us to "boldly go where no man has gone before."  My Star Trek history is not quite so enthusiastic.  My family about once a week would watch the original show reruns while eating in front of the TV on the family Twister mat.  When all the spinoffs and "next generations" came out we didn't keep up the tradition. 

But Rob and I have several times been called to "boldly go" to places where we, at least, had never gone before.  Shortly after we were married (two months, to be exact) we joined a travelling ministry team and lived on a 45-foot bus with six other people for the first year and a half of our marriage.  Surprised again by God's call in our lives, Rob began pursuing ministry in the military.  We've been called to boldly go into hospice ministry, youth ministry, and most recently to move across the country away from family and friends to pastor this small church in upstate New York. 

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that once again God is calling us to move boldly into another area in ministry.  The details are still be worked out and we'll share them with you all as they get firmed up.  (Don't panic, Mom, we're not moving again!)  But once again we've heard from God and are gathering up the courage to be obedient.  We are trying to remember that He has always been faithful.  And to remember that - unlike Star Trek - we are not going where no man has gone before.  Many have gone before us, and more importantly, our Lord has gone before us to prepare the way. 

Thank you all for your prayers for us as we continue to listen to God's call in our lives.  Please pray for the success of this new venture that we believe God will use to change lives.  Our own included!

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  1. We have also been asked to "boldly go". Many times into unseen, unknown places and spaces of the heart. It has been and continues to be a wild ride... but I'm so glad I was asked. The Lord's plan for us is so much greater than any we could plan for ourselves - How wonderful is He!
    Many blessings on your new adventure!



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