Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Day Musings

I have always loved the rain. What can I say, I'm a Washington state girl at heart. In college (in Washington state) I learned that the rain was one of God's ways of saying "I love you." I know that it rains just for me. Just to be told that I am loved.

Today was a rainy day. And windy, too. It literally blew our door off it's hinges! With all that love blowing around there certainly was a lot to be grateful for. And so today my list begins with:

186. Rain - lots of it
187. My husband who finds me beautiful
188. Past heartbreaks
189. A past redeemed
190. A new rowing machine (thanks Mom and Dad!)
191. A timely word
192. Fresh baked bread from...
193. A fabulous new bread recipe (
194. Our small town community
195. Emma, regarding taking turns for the new rowing machine: "Katie, the Bible says to let others go first and since I am an honest woman, you may go first."
196. My back porch/extra winter fridge
197. Ice skating with the kids
198. Katie working so hard and doing so well at ice skating
199. Katie working so hard at gymnastics with a good attitude
200. My Pastor-husband
201. Emma feeding her little brother for me
202. The trust of a wonderful young woman
203. A refresher course in geometry

Be thankful this week and enjoy the rain, however it comes in your life.

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