Monday, January 4, 2010

Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (not by Al Franken)

I spent too much of this week listening to lies.  I wish I could say that this is a new experience for me, but it's not.  Not even the lies are new.  They're the same ones that I hear year in and year out from the enemy who would steal my joy.  You're ugly.  So stupid.  No good mother would do that.  And most of all I hear:  You cant.  Can't cook.  Can't teach.  Can't sing.  Can't create.  Can't change.  It hurts to even write them out here.  I can feel each barb, each sting.  The childish taunting tone.  The hopelessness.

But there is hope, and that is found in the Truth.  I'm not so good at speaking the Truth to myself.  I get too buried in the lies I have listened to for so many, many years.  This week, however, God sent two Truth-speakers into my life.  It took many days for their words to penetrate through the muck, but it has.  You are loved.  You're amazing.  You are so good at that.  You can do it.  And of course:  I love you.  The greatest Truth of all.   These two people have always been the best at speaking into my life and so they top my thanksgivings list.

139.  My mother
140.  My husband
141.  Breaking through the darkness
142.  The smell of fresh rolls baking
143.  The ability to give to a friend in need
144.  Courage to bake yeast breads (Thanks, Sara Jane!)
145.  Gifts to encourage healthy living
146.  Roast lamb
147.  New mini-loaf pans
148.  Grandma Kate (my mother) making banana bread with David
149.  Amazing homeschool resources
150.  Our local library (again)
151.  Online library catalog
152.  Squash soup at Steiningers
153.  More snow
154.  Snow plows
155.  Michael's craft store
156.  Coupons!
157.  Papa's apology
158.  Kids in the snow
159.  Grace to get up this morning with my alarm (almost!)

Praise the Lord for his Truth.  Praise Him for his Unfailing Love.  Praise Him for his Encouragment.  Praise Him for his Grace and his Grace-givers.  Praise the Lord!  Praise the Lord!

I pray that as you begin this New Year you would listen for his Truth.  Stop your ears to the lies.  Surround yourself with those who would speak the Truth into your life.  And hear it!

holy experience

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  1. Great list! Thankful that you see it what it is LIES! The enemy wants to destroy! Keep your eyes on Jesus!



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