Monday, March 8, 2010

"Just" thanks

One of my writing teachers in college taught me that the best - and only - thing a writer can do is to show up to the page each day. Just start writing, he said. That is what I'm doing today. I can't think of anything profound, or even interesting, to share with you. I guess today is a reminder that I am keeping this blog as a record for ME, to remember what God has done in my life.

So today, thank you, Lord, for:
273. Heaven
274. Our new car
275. A wonderful day out with Rob
276. Our babysitters who left us with
277. A clean kitchen!
278. Boldness to speak to the Christian Ed. taskforce
279. The Peniel group
280. Tears shed
281. Sabbath rest
282. Exercise

283. Lost pounds
284. A good school day
285. The Greeks

May God show you his many blessings this week, also!

holy experience

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  1. I love this post, and your words of encouragement to just show up to the page each day! Profound, interesting? I think your gratitude for the everyday things are...



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