Monday, January 23, 2012

Week Four

So, with family here, weeks two and three were tough. I'm grateful to my parents for supporting us as we eat this new diet and helping us keep on track. I'm looking forward to Week Four. I've lost 7 1/2 pounds so far (may have to adjust that goal) and I'm enjoying how I look and feel after working out. I've also joined a women's Bible study during the kids AWANA club. We're looking at Elizabeth George's "Loving God With All Your Mind." It's helping to round out this fresh start and I'm grateful for the continuing renewal of my mind. My prayer for you all is that you, too, will meet God's fresh mercies every morning!

Here's what this week's menu looks like. (By the way, anyone try any of the last post's recipes?)

Day 1:
Breakfast - Crepes made from eggs (filled with sausage and veggies)
Lunch - Tuna Salad & Veggies
Dinner - Best Salad Ever

Day 2:
B - No-Oat Oatmeal
L - BLT Salad
D - Roasted Whole Chicken w/Veggies

Day 3:
B - Broccoli Frittata
L - Sunbutter and Honey Sandwiches w/Paleo Bread
D - Sweet Potato Soup w/ Sausage (it's from a book called Simply in Season; let me know if you want the recipe)

Day 4:
B - Smoothies (anyone have one they want to share?)
L - Salami Cream Cheese Rollups w/Fresh Veggies
D - Steak and Mushrooms w/MORE VEGGIES

Day 5 -
B - Gingered Apple Crumble
L - Hardboiled Eggs, Lunchmeat, Avocado, & Veggies
D - Chicken Drumsticks - not sure how I'm going to cook these, yet

Day 6:
B - Beet Smoothies and Bacon
L - Leftovers
D - Taco Salad

Day 7:
B - Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Veggies
L - Chicken Waldorf Salad (I've got the recipe for you, if you need it)
D - Sausage and Apples (Simply in Season again)

Happy Eating!


  1. Hey Sarah! Way to go on sticking to your plan! We use smoothies a LOT and I have been amazed at how my boys gobble them up and how much they've kept my energy up during pregnancy. Since you asked, this is one of the favorites:
    2 c water (you can also use almond milk)
    frozen mango or raspberries (use to sweeten, depending on how much fruit you are adding in to your plan)
    2 carrots
    big handful of kale or spinach
    whey protein powder
    tablespoon of chia seeds

    Blend it all together - it's such a great energy boost!!

  2. Amy, I just saw your post today. Thanks for replying! That sounds good. We haven't really done carrots yet; we may have to give that a try! Hope you all are doing well. :)



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