Monday, May 31, 2010

Weathering the Storm

On Wednesday, Lord willing, Rob and I will have been married for nine years. That may seem unbelievably long for some; it's unbelievably short for us. We have been blessed with many things and frustrated by a number, too. In retrospect (all we have, really), none of our storms have been huge though at the time some seemed insurmountable. I was reminded of this earlier this week when we had a huge thunderstorm come through. It went on for hours and even after I couldn't hear the thunder anymore the lightning continued to flash. It was beautiful if a little frightening. Our marriage is something like that. Huge storms come through, frightening and beautiful in the growth they bring. Sometimes the flashes of those storms remain for years. By God's grace we have weathered our storms and by his grace we'll weather more. This week I'm grateful to God for many things. I'm also grateful to my husband for the many years of love and faithful service to me. What a treasure you are! (And yes, everyone, I'll tell him in person, too! I just want him to know that I want everyone to know!)

Thank you Lord, for:
371. Thunderstorms
372. The morning after a thunderstorm
373. Children's clipped fingernails
374. Children sitting still for said clipping
375. Pancakes
376. Family portraits
377. Village-wide yard sale
378. Great finds!
379. A neighbour going home to be with the Lord
380. Being able to apologize. Again.
381. Volleyball with church friends
382. Marriage
383. My husband

holy experience

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