Monday, October 26, 2009

A Fresh Leaf

About every two weeks I determine to turn over a new leaf. There is always something in my life that I've decided is time to bring back under control. Usually, my control. I have been encouraged lately to stop trying to be in control. Last night, as I shared with the three delightful young women who meet with me to study God's Word, I asked them to find things to be thankful for in an effort to keep our hearts from the insidiousness of discontent. Today on Ann Voskamp's blog I discovered the Gratitude Community and the idea of looking for one thousand blessings. I want to join this community, and to start with, this blog will be a record of the many blessings in my life.

I would love to hear from anyone about how God is blessing them, also, but mainly this is a record - an altar, if you will - for myself. A place to lay down control of my life. And be thankful.

1. Emma's curls
2. Peaceful piano music
3. Good books
4. My husband's hard work
5. Ian's smiles
6. Dance parties in the kitchen
7. Our more-than-enough home
8. Neighbours who send (or leave on our table) goodies, just because
9. Chances to start over
10. A touch of the melancholy that spurs me to action

1 comment:

  1. I'm grateful for dear children who remind me daily of how much God loves me. I'm grateful for Michael who inspires me to be who He created me to be. I'm grateful to parents who decided to bear me. Thank you, Lord. Thank you.



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